Friday, 23 July 2010

July 2010 The US invasion of All Things Harold

My dear friend James from New York's Long Island (now a friend of my whole family!) came to stay with us for a week. Main intention: to explore anything & everything to do with Harold Godwineson

Bosham, Sussex. Steps like this are depicted in the Bayeux Tapestry. The tide comes right up to them - and it is probable that Bosham is the site where King Cnut tried to 'stop the tide from coming in' (actually he was trying to prove he was not God, so could NOT stop the tide. See my novel Hollow Crown/Forever Queen (US title) for the full story!

Bosham Church:

Battle 1066/2010. Duke William built an abbey on the site of the Batttle of Hastings in pennance for the violence he had caused (proof that he had no right to the Crown of England & that Harold was murdered!) On 14th Ocotber 1066 this is where Harold stood his shield wall - and the view down the hill (to where the Nasty Normans were massed)

looking back up the hill

Me reading a scene from Harold the King "They will come again," Harold said, "but for them we will make it worse still!"
James with 1066 producer Robin Jacob & asst producer Lance Prebble in my back garden (sorry about the background of next door's scaffolding!)
Harold Godwineson mounted on his horse with hunting hawk in his hand .... and James Hanna on HIS horse:
with HIS hunting bird? Hmm, maybe a swift isn't _quite_ the same thing?

Two lovely people James & my daughter, Kathy