Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Battle of Hastings re-enactment 2010

After the pouring rain of earlier in the week, the glorious weather over 9th/10th October at Battle Abbey, Sussex, for the annual re-enactment was incredible. In fact it got too hot!
I was opleased to be in the shade in the main English Heritage tent down on the field - made welcome, as ever, by the staff of EH.

Living History. Paula, Connor & Rich

As with last year, I noticed Saturday was more given to the "enthusiasts" those who were interested in the history, and those of us who were there to pay our respect to Harold II. Sunday was more of a family day, grandparents & parents taking the kids somewhere for the day - a good percentage of them not  knowing what the history was all about, and sadly, not caring.
I did notice very few people were cheering for the Normans again this year. Definite 'boos', while 'Godwineson! Godwineson! Godwineson!'  was very distinctly heard.
 As ever, of course, the Normans won. :-( Boo! Hiss!

I met so many lovely people - couldn't possibly name you all. Paula & Connor especially though, and I had a chance to chat to Robert Cronin who has posted a topic for debate on my Let's Talk of History & Kings  blog.
 I also met Daphne & her husband from the USA - Daphne was traveling to Nottingham on the Monday (yesterday as I write this) to meet up with author Elizabeth Chadwick, so she was on a bit of an "authors tour". Fabulous to talk to you Daphne, & I hope the rest of your trip goes well! Safe journey home & stay in touch!

The weekend was very tiring - standing most of the day and getting up & down that hill is hard work ( to add to my dodgy hip I had slightly twisted my ankle as well). Tiring but oh so very worth while!

See you all again NEXT year! Thank you to Paula Lofting Wilcox & Rich Price for the photos. I stole them from their Facebook pages, Dearest Daughter not having got around to downloading our own yet. Thanks you two!
I don't suppose anyone took a picture with me in it? :-/

Anyone interested in the battle itself go to Guardian.co.uk for some great photos

At one point on the Sunday afternoon - just as I was speaking to Daphne and Chip from Colorado USA  I turned round to discover my chair had gone missing. I was stunned! My chair? Who stole my chair! Bloomin' Normans.... I have just received this from Daphne:
'After the battle was over, we walked around the abbey for a while waiting for some of the traffice to clear out.  As we were walking back to the car, we saw something that we thought might belong to you.... '

That's it! That's MY chair! A victim of the battle, cut down in its prime, a Saxon chair.... LOL :-D