Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Ladies Who Lunch

I haven't met up with Elizabeth Chadwick for a couple of years - then twice in one week! As I was in Nottingham for the New Writer's Book Fayre, I made arrangements to meet her and her friend, Alison King, for Friday lunch.
Elizabeth & Helen

Needing some help with writing Ripples In the Sand, the Fourth Sea Witch Voyage, which involves Tiola seeing into the past, I made the decision to have an Akashic Record session with Alison, an Akashic consultant.

In Elizabeth's words from her website, The Akashic Record  is based on the belief that everything that happens in the world is imprinted on the Akasa which is: ' an unseen substance which is all around us all and present in every atom of this world and of the universe. This substance is capable of being impressed by the images, thoughts, sounds, smells, tastes and feelings of what it comes into contact with, and because it is in contact with everything, everything is recorded. It is like having a multi-sensory photograph or holograph being constantly taken and kept on file.’
(The quote is taken from this explanatory page by  Alison - click the link above to her blog page)

Alison & Helen

I'm not ready, yet, to talk publicly about my highly interesting Akashic session as I am still digesting everything, but I will do, soon.

Alison is a lovely lady, and lunch was a couple of hours of good food and very, very good company.

Thank you, ladies, for a delightful day!