Tuesday, 16 August 2011

National Side Saddle Show

Three Day Side Saddle Show
Venue: Addington Manor Buckinghamshire UK

I'm surrounded by pirates!
Even at a Horse Show!

Cutlass Kate Cap'n Ace and the wench Lauren 
Fancy Dress Class
Notice the ship on Ace's rump?

They came 3rd 
1st & 2nd were little kiddies who deserved the higher placings!

that's me, doing my Mumsy bit

don't exactly look fierce do they?
Ace looks like he's asleep

it took me hours to sew that ship on!
(and blue ribbons - of course)

That's my skirt the wench is wearing.
Grr looks better on her than it does on me!

Lauren mounte
but Kathy (Cutlass Kate) had to ride in the actual arena
Adults are allowed to ride without a safety hat in side saddle classes, but not juniors.

Lauren riding in the Concours d'elegance costume class
The juniors have to be skilful at disguising their hard hats.
Lauren did Ok with a green one to match the Royal Rifles costume
which she borrowed from Kathy
(she has 3 brothers serving in Afghanistan in the Rifles)

Kathy riding aside in the Family Mount 

and in the Handy Horse

So, on to Kathy's Concours d'elegance costume class

It is 1760 and we go to the American Colonies. The roads were rough and rutted, not suitable for elegant carriages, so the ladies would often prefer to ride aside down the main thoroughfare of Williamsburg, Virginia, to attend luncheon at the Governor’s Palace, or pay a visit to the milliner or dressmaker.
This blue on white vintage fabric has a drop front which is laced and boned and cut to an eighteenth century Dutch pattern of stylised tulips and other flowers.

The kerchief is of lawn, and the lace lining the hat and edging the sleeves is a tatted lace - an open type of lace which compliments the delicacy of the gown. Lace was highly valued – and was frequently an item used for contraband by smugglers.
Of a genuine vintage period, the hand-made mittens are also of lace.
 The flat crown of the straw hat is typical of this period, and was actually purchased in the milliner’s shop on Duke of Gloucester Street, Williamsburg. 

doesn't she look lovely
(said proud Mum)