Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Photo Shoot

I needed some new images for the forthcoming new version of my Sea Witch Voyages Book Trailer - so step granddaughter Nicola Witcombe got out her photography equipment, I press ganged daughter Kathy and two of her friends, Ashley and Michael....

For many of the results you will have to wait for the official new trailer (with  images cropped & added onto various suitable backgrounds) but here are a few of the "raw article" photos - thank you Nicola & models!

wearing Colonial dress of a pattern circa 1750
The gloves are genuine early Victorian
and the hat was bought by my good friend, Judy Hanna who lives in Colonial Williamsburg

You can't get the right sort of pirate nowadays...

Fierce? Don't do fierce.....

and adjustments needed to "Jesamiah's" blue ribbons

that's better, I can reach now

put that knife down....
 & give us a kiss

ah .... that's more like it!
Your camera or your life!

and to finish....
 a lovely photo of Kathy as a character from the books

Nicola does professional photography, specialising in portraits, so if you are in the North London/ Essex / Herts area why not e-mail her?