Tuesday, 15 May 2012

My back garden May 12th 2012

 outside the back door 
(the stairs are to the neighbour's first floor flat)
my office window is behind the clock
and that low wall is the fish pond
(where the  fish that my upstairs' neighbour complains about are)

looking down the path 

top of the path
 Kathy's bedroom window

 looking up the garden
that's the chicken shed and their day run on the right
with the greenhouse behind it

 from the back door looking left

 my Hazel tree 
(planted in memory of my friend Hazel 
who died October 2001)
 Back door 
(note my dragon!)

Rum and the Dragon Guard

the chicken shed is out of shot to my right

bottom of the garden & Ron's Pigeon Loft
(racing pigeons)