Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Little Red Riding Hood - Side saddle!

National Side Saddle Show (Addington Manor)
The Caro Cripps
dressage to music but in fancy dress.

The "show" must be entertaining as well as showing the obedience of the horse via dressage movements - and all done to music. Kathy went as Little Red Riding Hood - with Lexie playing the part of the wolf. The music was from the movie "Little Red Riding Hood"

This was the description as given to the commentator and judges:

"Apologies in advance if Kathy’s horse, Lexie, behaves like a fruit-loop; she is only four years old and has just recovered from a broken pedal bone so the wide, wide, world is somewhat different to box rest – 
especially when you are expected to dress up and do daft things!
We all have to start somewhere though.
Please feel free to join in where appropriate …. Assuming Kathy hasn’t been bucked off before she gets into the arena…
In a dark, dark wood, on a dark and stormy evening, after a hard day bunking off  school…. a sweet little girl is on her way to grandma's for tea…
But Grandma is not quite herself today…."
 cue music

Kathy enters the arena at a walk wearing a long red cloak. 
She walks down the centre line, salutes the judges then goes into trot,
half way along the arena she halts, removes her cloak... 
and starts her routine:
"Are you afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?"
that's my best fur blanket that Lexie is wearing....
"Little Red Riding Hood - in the Woody Wood..."
Note the toy wolf hanging from the saddle! 
"But Grandma - what big ears you have..."
Lauren played the Woodcutter - Kathy was placed 10th (out of 14 entries) 
so we were very pleased - considering we hadn't even expected Lexie 
to go into the arena!

Good Fun