Thursday, 15 November 2012

14th November 2012

A rare and special treat.

We (the Hollick Family) were invited to lunch at Drummonds Bank, 49 Charing Cross, London.

Drummonds Bank

The Bank is situated on the corner of Whitehall and Admiralty Arch, Trafalgar Square, London and was originally founded by Andrew Drummond in 1717 (though it was in a slightly different location then)

Admiralty Arch
(with Drummonds on the left hand side)
We reached the old board room where lunches are now served via a special lift that had been installed for Her Majesty the Queen Mother (so I've been in a royal lift!) and I had the dubious pleasure of being seated at the dining table in the place most favoured by Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher. (Not sure if that is anything to crow about LOL - still, its all a part of history!)

Our host gave us an informative tour of the historical rooms - some of the original ledgers are in the book cases, but most have now been removed to safe keeping in the British Library (I think that's where they've been put.)

Some beautiful paintings and items... the Adam Fireplace, a gorgeous silver statue of a stag, Meissan Porcelain ... wonderful old furniture. The place echoed with the shadows of the past!

The view from the first floor windows is fabulous. One way - out across Trafalgar Square, another view is of Admiralty Arch. Twice we saw escorted cars come through, don't know who was in the first cavalcade (possibly the Prime Minister old what's'sname himself) The second time it was the Queen - just caught a glimpse of her wearing a cream outfit.

You know when someone important is coming because whistles are blown and the everyday traffic has to move to the side and stop, then a squad of police motorbikes with lights flashing, followed by security cars escorting A Big Black Car sweep past. Loads of people were running to the side of the road when the Queen came past, all waving and cheering.

I'm reading Suzanne McLeod's latest Urban Fantasy Novel The Shifting  Price of Prey at the moment. Lovers of vampires, fantasy and magic will like this murder and mayhem  Spellcrackers.Com series!  (warning: very adult content.)

Set in London this latest book has several scenes set in Trafalgar Square .... hence me mentioning it. I did have a look for the heroine, part Sidhe, part Vampire Genny Taylor who spends a fair bit of time in the book trying to round up some pesky Pixies who are causing trouble - couldn't see her, or the Pixies though.
Guess she'd caught them all and gone home. LOL.
I wonder if Genny, or any of her co-workers (various naiads, dryads, vampires, witches and kelpies) bank at Drummonds? Everyone I saw looked pretty normal....

Lunch itself, by the way, was scrummy!